Buying Cheap Carpets and Keeping them clean

When it comes to buying flooring there are many places you can them cheap but maintaining their initial brightness and texture could be a mammoth task if not done properly. There is good news and bad news when it comes to cleaning carpets.

The bad news is that the daily wear and tear will be sure to leave a mark. This might lead to using rugs or strategically placed furniture to hide the spots. The good news however, is that there are many ways the life of a carpet can be prolonged. This means you will have to keep the dirt on the carpets to a bare minimum. Given below are some tips you can follow to do that.

Clean Up Often

Dirty carpets can look bad and also increase the pollutants in the room. The grime and dust accumulated in the fibers should be cleaned up regularly by a member of the family and once a year at least by a professional. The do-it-yourself method involves using steam so that it can penetrate deep into the fiber and remove the dirt. It also helps kill bacteria that is tracked in from the shoes.

Wipe Feet Before Entering

There are all kinds of germs and contaminants outside and therefore a welcome mat should be placed at the entrance of the room. Wiping the feet before entering a room can help control the debris and dirt on the bottom of the shoes and allow the cheap carpets to remain clean.

Vacuum Regularly

There are rooms that receive a lot of foot traffic and they should be vacuumed at least twice or thrice a week. The material of the cheap carpets is not worn down this way by the constant coming and going of people. The other areas that are not as poplar should also be vacuumed once every week. The type of brush you will be using with the vacuum depends on the fabric of the carpet.