Choosing the Right Style from Discount Carpets

A carpet is soft flooring that cushions the hard surface and lets you walk barefoot. There are many different types of carpets available categorized by the material they are made from. When buying a discount carpet you should know of the characteristics of each carpet style, so you can make an informed choice. Picking from one of them can be overwhelming so here is a guide to help you select one.

The most common styles are listed here and their material is cut pile which is made of durable fibers. The tufts are dense and they are twisted because of the yarn. The five styles cut pile is available in are listed below.


This is called the velvet cut pile and it contains luxuriously packed fibers to create a very soft and rich floor to walk on. A plush carpet makes you feel like royalty because it is such a great feeling to walk on it.


The fibers used in this type of carpet are of uneven height which is why it has a rougher texture. This type of carpet can help hide the dirt but it is not recommended for rooms with a lot of foot traffic.


A pile of individual strands stand straight up to create a fuzzy flooring which makes it one of the most popular choices in discount carpets. The only downside is that it can be crushed by vacuuming, walking or furniture.


Longer fibers with more twists are the frieze carpet style. This style is more casual and adds texture to the floor. It can hide footprints and other marks very well which would otherwise show up on different carpets. This provides advantage to the spaces where there is not a lot of coming and going.


The cable style is made of thicker fibers and it is much heavier which makes it cozy and a treat for the bare feet.