How to Style Carpets for Bathrooms

Whether you want an alternative to tile that is less expensive or you are tired of walking on cold floors when you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, carpets for bathrooms are the solution. If you do it right you won’t have to deal with the mold and drenched flooring everyone talks about.

Buy a Washable Carpet

As we all know bathrooms are the breeding ground for all types of bacteria which is why it is important that the floor is cleaned regularly. For a carpet, there is the option of machine washing which is available in wall-to-wall designs as well. Since bathrooms are not very large the carpet can be popped in the machine or take to the dry cleaners once in a while. As long as you follow the washing instructions carefully you will face no problem at all.

Layer with a Bathmat

A tiled or wooden floor can be kept dry using a mat and the same concept applies to carpets for bathrooms. No matter what type of floor it is, the bathmat can absorb all the water and excess moisture from the sink, shower and toilet. Microfiber mats are the best because they dry out very quickly. The life of the carpet can be extended by lifting the mat and hanging it to dry after you’ve used the bathroom.

Keep ‘Em Dry

Carpets need care just like every other part of the house. When something spills or water overflows on it then you will have to act fast to remove the moisture and prevent the growth of mildew. It might be smarter to buy a wet vac that can quickly dry up the soggy spots.

Replace Frequently

With all the people using the carpet and the wet environment even the best carpet can get worn down after some years. If you want to use carpets for bathrooms then you will have to replace them frequently so consider that when deciding on a flooring budget for the bathroom.