Why Every House Needs Carpet Runners for Stairs

Carpet runners for stairs not only make them safer but also look decorative. Most homeowners have hard wood floors and walls but when it comes to the stairs, leaving them bare is not the sophisticated choice. The steps undergo wear and tear due to the constant traffic and start looking worn down soon enough. They can also become slippery and make it a safety risk for the entire household. Carpet runners for stairs are the best way to protect the floor as well as yourself.

What are Carpet Runners for Stairs?

Carpet runners are a piece of flooring that covers all or part of the staircase. It is mostly installed over hardwood floors or tiles and can be applied using different colors, patterns and textures instead of a regular carpet.

Why Should A Carpet Runner be Installed?

There are a number of reasons the carpet runner should be installed and the first and foremost is safety. These runners provide traction, cushioning and prevent slipping. The noise due to people climbing up and down the stairs is also reduced because the material absorbs the noise more efficiently than hard surfaces.

If you want to protect your precious hardwood floors then the best way is to add carpeting. It will not only save money that would have been spent on polishing and refinishing but also help retain the freshness of the floors. Not to mention carpet runners for stairs are stylish and add a certain classiness to the place.

Where Should It be Installed?

The first thing to decide after you have picked the right material and color of the runner is how much of the staircase you want covered. There are typically 12-13 stair steps and you must decide whether or not the carpeting will be on the landing on the top and bottom of the stairs as well. The type of staircase should also be taken into account because there are straight, circular and L-shaped staircases in houses.