Breathe Easy By Adding Carpets in Bedrooms

A carpet is not only a way to decorate the bedroom but it offers many other benefits as well. Carpets make the floor padded and easier to walk on because of the soft material. It is also a great way to insulate the room especially in areas with a colder climate. You can even sit down or lie down on a carpet because it is very comfortable. Carpets in bedrooms make them feel cozier and more intimate because they tie up the entire room. However, there is one health benefit related to carpets that not many people are aware of.

Carpets are also one of the ways to improve air quality in a room. Although this interesting fact about carpets is not advertised more often it is actually completely true. A carpet positively influences the environment by removing contaminants from the air. Gravity causes pollen, dust, animal and insect dander to accumulate on the floor. The carpet fiber traps the bacteria and removes it from the circulation. It does not remain trapped in the breathing zone of the air. Regular cleaning with a vacuum can help remove the dust and allergens from the carpet and prevent it from polluting the air we breathe.

People think that those who suffer from asthma and are allergic to dust should not add carpets in bedroom but this is a very common misconception. Studies show that a carpet that is cleaned properly can actually alleviate the symptoms and improve the breathing cycle of patients.

It is a fact that the carpet is the lowest emitter amongst all flooring of chemical compounds. It has been recognized as the least harmful flooring choice with the least amount of volatile organic compounds being emitted. According to the standardizing organization for air quality, carpets with an approved rating are safe for use and help maintain indoor air quality. So be sure to check that the carpets in bedrooms have passed the test and can be used to create a healthy environment.