Laying a Rug Over Carpets Living Room

Rugs are used as decorative items on top of carpets living room. The rug can enhance any space and make the flooring look even more attractive. The only condition is that you place it in a way that it works well with the room.

Should You Place a Rug in Your Room

There are certain factors that determine whether or not you should add rug to a particular room. It will not work well with every type of carpets living room. However, if you are leasing a place and do not like the carpet installed there then you could cover it up with a rug that is more your style. Buying a new rug is a cheaper alternative to having the flooring replaced.

The rug can also be used to cover up any parts of the carpet that have torn or been stained. A new rug is the best way to add color and texture to a room without having to redesign the place.

Selecting the Color

Rugs are available in one solid color or they could be multi-colored as well so it is important to choose one that matches with the room. A carpet that clashes with rug can ruin the entire look and look cheap. The colors should not only match with the carpet but also tie-in with the décor, furniture and curtains.

Patterns to Choose From

There are many different patterns the rugs come in and it provides us with a way to add character to the room. To choose a pattern that matches well with the room it is recommended that you choose an existing pattern in the room and find something that compliments it. A striped rug or one that has two tones of colors is your best bet when buying a patterned rug. If you are layering on top of carpets living room then you should look at your carpet and avoid buying a patterned rug if it the carpet also has a pattern.