Pros and Cons of Having Carpets in Kitchen

The kitchen is typically not a room where you would find carpeting because of all the possibilities of spilling wine, crumbs and grease. There are still many advantages carpets in kitchen would offer. It is the most natural way to add color to a dull space and also cushions the feet in a room where you are standing most of the day any way. Here are some of the pros and cons of having carpets in kitchen so you can decide for yourself whether you want to get one or not.


A carpet is softer than hard wood floors and offer protection against accidents and extreme temperatures. It can also cushion the fall for fragile glass dishes. Hence carpet saves glasses from breaking.

Carpets in kitchen can also be beneficial for those who suffer from back problems. The carpet can cover a part of the worktop station where you spend most of the time standing and be easy on the feet. It can also be placed in front of the sink for doing the dishes.

A carpet feels more exciting and makes the room appear more inviting. Kitchens are now spaces for families to socialize which is why it would be good idea to add a carpet there.


Carpets are more difficult to clean than other types of flooring and they have the tendency to get worn down by heavy foot traffic. To give the kitchen a cleaner and fresher look it would be best to have tiles or hardwood panels installed.

If you do not want to commit to an entire wall-to-wall carpet, then you can just go for a smaller rug to place by the kitchen table and see how you feel about it before investing in a bigger one.